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The MVH 90C/200C is semi-automatic; only loading the bearing to be tested on the testing spindle, the pressing of the two-hand start and the removal of the bearing must be done manually.

The MVH 90C/200C equipment can be described as follows:
• An extremely precise slidingbearing spindle, which drives the inner ring of the bearing under test.
• A pneumatic axial loading unit with adjustable test load.
• The two-hand operation starts the automatic test cycle: the axial loading unit applies an  axial load to the outer ring and moves the bearing against the testing spindle, and the  ickup is applied on the stationary bearing outer ring. The noise is measured (freely programmable measuring time), analysed and displayed. Once completed, the loading unit goes back and the machine is ready for the next test cycle, etc. 
• Resetting for another type of bearing can be done quickly and simply. The holding arbor on the spindle and the loading tool in the axial loading unit are then exchanged and the pickup is positioned against the new bearing.
• The MEA 200 velocity-proportional pickup, with a almost linear characteristic curve up to 10000 Hz, receives the radial vibration of the bearing through its stationary outer ring. The vibration analysis is performed by the included measuring electronics. Normally the three standard frequency bands are evaluated. Within these bands the tolerance limits are freely programmable and/or are available after selecting the appropriate bearing type.

Evaluation criteria according to customers requirements (specific spectrum masks) are possible. Frequency spectrum and detailed analysis of the spectrum is also used to determine the locations and causes of the bearing vibrations. Datasheet for vibration tester 
1........LCD monitor
2........MEB 95 measuring electronics
3........Keyboard with touchpad (mouse)