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SKF Multilog On-line System IMx-S

24/7 condition monitoring to improve machine reliability
The SKF Multilog On-line System IMx-S is the next generation of powerful, cost-effective  solutions for a variety of condition monitoring applications. Together with SKF @ptitude  Observer software, Multilog IMx-S provides a complete system for early fault detection and prevention, automatic advice for correcting existing or impending conditions and advanced condition-based maintenance to improve machine reliability, availability and performance.

Key features

  • Wall-mounted
  • 16 dynamic or DC inputs and 8 digital inputs
  • True simultaneous measurement of all channels
  • Multi-parameter gating
  • Digital Peak Enveloping (DPE)
  • Adaptive alarm levels
  • Data buffering in non-volatile memory when communication is down
  • Output relay driver
  • Fully supported by SKF @ptitude Observer software
  • General description
SKF Multilog On-line System IMx-S is a key component in an advanced condition monitoring system. It is a robust measurement unit designed for tough industrial environments.
Each Multilog IMx-S is equipped with 16 analogue signal inputs. The dynamic signal inputs are configurable for a variety of sensors. Signals, such as acceleration, velocity and displacement or other parameters are easily adopted. Each input can be configured for ICP (accelerometers), proximityprobes, 4-20 mA or ± 25 V. In addition to the analogue channels, 8 digital channels may be used for measuring speed, trigger or digital status e.g. indicating when a measurement can take place. Several measurement points may be attached to one channel and both AC and DC measurements can be measured on the same channel.
Individual conditions for warning and alarm may be set for each point. Warning and alarm  levels may be controlled by machine speed or load.
The Multilog IMx-S works as a machine condition monitoring system with several other units together in a network with the SKF @ptitude Observer Monitor. The system can run in an existing LAN together with other computers, printers, servers, etc. or over the Internet.
The unit’s unique built-in hardware auto-diagnosis system continuously checks all sensors, cabling and electronics for any faults, signal interruption, shortcuts or power failure and any malfunctions triggers an alarm. In the case of system power failure, the system will automatically restart when the power returns.